Puppies kept in a wire cage with no adequate flooring, access to share or proper care at a puppy mill in Fort Scott, KS (photo courtesy of ASPCA).


Kansas is the #2 state for unethical commercial breeding or puppy mill production. For the six year in a row, Kansas has been ranked by the Humane Society of the United States as a top offender in their annual Horrible Hundred report. State-wide, there are over 330 licensed breeders and over 100 unlicensed breeders, the majority operating as puppy mills. Kansas also ranked third in their Puppy Buyer Complaints report for the state with the highest dealer complaints. At least 7 pet stores sell from an unethical breeder. Kansas also has 2 kitten mills. 


A "puppy mill" is an inhumane commercial breeding operation that maximize profits by disregarding an animals' physical and emotional well being. Those that survive unsafe and hazardous housing conditions are often sold to pet stores or unsuspecting consumers over the Internet. In the end, the animal and consumer suffer, ethical breeders, shelters and rescues, and the Kansas taxpayers who bear the cost of sick and under socialized dogs. Many of the breeders cited for egregious violations are repeat offenders to the USDA and continue to operate. 


The stories our painful to hear and digest. Everyday, there are animals suffering in our state with severe medical conditions, open wounds, broken bones, emaciated, matting beyond recognition and more. Many are surviving in small cages covered in a mound of feces without proper access to water, food or the outdoors. 


We must work together to stop this horrendous cycle of abuse in Kansas. 


Our organization is seeking to end the suffering and finally turn the page in this ugly chapter of our state's history by proposing and updating legislation that govern breeding operations in Kansas —notably the Kansas Pet Animal Act— and strengthen enforcement.


As we prepare to end unethical commercial breeding in Kansas, help us have a larger impact and voice by donating today. Your gift will ensure we have the resources we need to fight abusive puppy mills in our state.