Contact Your Kansas Representative to Keep Greyhound Racing OUT of Kansas

Even though the majority of Kansans have made it abundantly clear that dog racing is not wanted in our state – by our lack of attendance at races as well as through surveys, polls, and votes – the ugly specter of dog racing is once again coming before the Kansas legislature.

Most Kansans object to greyhound racing because of the inhumane atrocities that have been well-documented in the media. Those states that still operate dog tracks record one greyhound death every three days, usually from a broken neck, fractured skull, cardiac arrest, or electrocution from fencing.

Between races, greyhounds endure long stretches of being kenneled and muzzled without exercise, socialization or proper nutrition. Dozens of cases of greyhound cruelty and neglect, including dogs dying from starvation or lack of veterinary care, have been documented.

Contact your Kansas representative with this message: "Please keep greyhound racing out of Kansas. Oppose HB 2545 or eliminate the requirement for greyhound racing from this legislation. Join the 40 states that have already banned greyhound racing!”

To find your representative’s email address, click here: NO to Greyhound Racing