Greyhound dog racing is a cruel sport that abuse, maim and kill thousands of dogs in the name of entertainment and continues to support the operation of unethical puppy mill operations in the state of Kansas. A "puppy mill" is an inhumane commercial breeding operation that maximize profits by disregarding an animals' physical and emotional well being. Those who breed racing greyhounds are not required to follow the same standards governing breeding, housing, feeding, watering, exercise and veterinary care as breeders of other dogs.


Greyhounds bred for racing are often confined for 20 to 23 hours per day. They dwell inside warehouse-style kennels that are stacked on top of each other. They are given little, if any, room to stand up or turn around. Once or twice a day, a greyhound may be let out to relieve themselves. 


Greyhound dogs are also subject to routine injury. From January 2008 to February 2018, over 15,000 greyhound injuries were documented including broken legs, backs and more. A large majority of the injuries reported do not receive proper attention or medical care. Instead, the greyhound is often euthanized. 


In many cases, greyhounds are subjected to serious drug injections such as cocaine, arsenic, amphetamine, morphine and much more to improve their performance. In the U.S., over 400 violations have been documented since 2008 in which racing greyhounds tested positive for drugs such as these. Female greyhounds are also given anabolic steroids to disrupt their natural "heat" cycle. All of the above can cause increased aggression, unhealthy weight gain, decreased heart function and organ damage. 


Greyhound Racing in Kansas

Greyhound racing began in 1989 with the opening of two dog tracks as part of legalized gambling in Kansas; the Wichita Greyhound Park and the Woodlands in Kansas City, KS. A third track, Camptown Greyhound Park, in Frontenac opened in 1995 but closed 13 weeks later. In 2008, all three tracks closed after experiencing significant financial losses, effectively ending greyhound racing in Kansas. During the last six months of racing before the tracks closed, 80 dogs suffered broken legs and backs, among other injuries that included orthopedic fractures, kidney damage and other musculoskeletal and internal organ failures. Sadly, a total of nineteen dogs died or were destroyed during the last season. There is no reason to allow this type of suffering to happen again.


Greyhound racing is a financially irresponsible scheme that causes tremendous suffering to thousands of greyhounds and yet, there has been a push to bring it back to life in Kansas. 


During the 2018 legislative session, HSLFKS spoke out against legislation related to this issue and fought against the amendment to reinstate greyhound racing. In a stunning victory, the amendment was struck down! Unfortunately, we expect this debate to return. As Florida seeks to outlaw racing in its state, we anticipate certain groups in Kansas to lobby that our state become the #1 destination for this cruel entertainment. 


As we prepare for this issue to return, help us have a larger impact and voice by donating today. Your gift will ensure we have the resources we need to fight greyhound racing returning to the state of Kansas. 


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